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I review books from time to time on Goodreads, a version of Facebook for books. My reviews include contemporary fiction, graphic novels, children's books, biographies, books on the creative process, and more. Check it out, and click "view" on the right-hand column to read my review (if you click the name of the book it will take you to that book's overall profile).

Published articles


Web Hits, The New Republic magazine. Published in the early days of MP3's revolution of music distribution, this article discusses what Internet distribution can and can't do for independent musicians.

Missing Link, The New Republic. A discussion of how welfare reform during the Clinton years reduced Medicaid enrollment, and why that could be cause for concern.

Poll Tax, The New Republic. Published in the wake of the 2000 presidential election, this article discusses how voting machines and county lines affect the enfranchisement of poorer communities in America.


Square Peg, Acoustic Guitar magazine. John Mayer discusses his songwriting and guitar techniques.

Southern Tonic, Acoustic Guitar. Southern songwriter Michelle Malone gets back to her indie roots.

Fiction and Lies, Acoustic Guitar. Tracy Chapman's Telling Stories.

Love's Microcosm, Acoustic Guitar. Indigo Girls' Become You.

You'll Die Laughing, San Francisco Bay Guardian alternative newsweekly. Why comics are a quintessentially morbid medium.

The Serpent, San Francisco Bay Guardian. How sickness relates to storytelling in the graphic novel Epileptic.