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I'm a multimedia storyteller. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm currently based in Los Angeles, working as an independent animator and filmmaker. Animation offers the opportunity to bring all of my creative media into one dynamic form of storytelling.

As a kid, I amused myself by drawing people and people-like animals (bees going off to work, carrying briefcases; mice in battle armor, waving swords). Beginning with these early character studies, I explored my curiosity about humanity, in all its beauty, humor, neurosis, and reflection. I committed to working in the arts when I was in college, studying 20th-century literature. Particularly important were the novels of Virginia Woolf and other Modernists, whose exploration of the narrative richness in each moment inspired me to create art about the meaning in daily life, in the media of story, melody, and image.

With ever-shrinking attention spans, ever-growing living costs, and the need (on a digitally enabled global playing field) to constantly market one's work, it can be challenging to carve out a niche in one artistic arena, let alone several. But many of the artists whose work and lives compel me most have been passionate about, or practiced, art forms beyond the one for which they're known. At the root of much of my art is the desire to distill a moment that reflects life's mystery as much as its revelations. Like a prism, the moment itself is miniature; but through that moment a world is revealed, refracted, and reimagined. This process of reflection illuminates what's common among the arts and, however complexly, among people.

Thank you for taking time to browse this site, and for your interest in independent art. Please feel free to write to me with any questions or comments about the work you see here.